A Tip of the Hat to Mr. Dylan

Here’s to the great Bob Dylan, the grand icon of American folk music. Nee Bob Zimmerman in 1941 in Duluth Minnesota, he early snatched the Dylan moniker from the Irish poet Dylan Thomas, took off for New York City, shifted the folk music world, and became a major influence on  culture world-wide. Also, he gave us a ton of great music. Big thank you and tip of the hat to Bob Dylan. Interestingly, Bob Dylan became so popular, nay adored, that nowadays  Dylan has become a common first name for a lot of kids and grown people too. Even hotels and apartment buildings are named Dylan. Dylan is just considered an all around cool name. Hail to Bob Dylan. May he stay (forgive the expression) forever young. I’m going to post a number of his songs that I’ve recorded.

This first one, I Shall Be Released I just did with some tracks added, which was fun. I Shall Be Released is one of his most anthemic songs. And, hey, these are all sing alongs.

I see my light come shining

From the West unto the East

Any day now

Any day now

I shall be released

These are all sing alongs, you know.

Here’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Also, one of his best ones. Jack Elliot played this one all the time. Dylan heard him play it and gifted the song to him. I don’t think Dylan performs this one, just Rambling Jack.


Here’s Blowin In the Wind

Talk about anthemic

Here’s Easy Chair, from that Woodstock period