Impeach the Bastard

I must confess that for nearly three years I’ve been awaiting, nay predicting, Donald Trump’s impeachment. I thought it would have happened by now. I suppose I was a bit naive, but, in my defense, I was younger three years ago. I must also confess that ever since the Mueller Report came out (or didn’t come out!) I’ve been quiet about politics on this blog, which I suppose reflects a personal (maybe it’s a collective) numbness to all the Presidente’s endless violations of law and common decency. We’ll see how this one with the Ukrainian collusion will play out. Whatever the result, the work to elect a clear and overwhelming Democratic majority in 2020 is important, and has begun in full swing. There are numerous grassroot offshoots (that has to be an oxymoron) of the Democratic Party that are seeking volunteers to register voters, make phone calls, write letters etc., in order to get out the vote, and turn this country around. I’ve worked for Sea Change and Swing Left, and they are decent organizations. We did flip five districts blue here in the LA area in 2018. Personally, I like knocking on people’s doors, canvassing, and spreading the Dump Trump, Save the environment, make the world a better place, message. I urge one and all to do what they can.

It’s true that American presidential elections in recent history have uniformly been extremely close. The number of undecided voters shrinks each year. And what with the expected election tampering and on-line  targeted, false information schemes (a la Cambridge Analytica) this year……..well, as Ringo Starr once said, “You Know It Don’t Come Easy”. So don’t give up fighting. And, as the Carter Family used to say, “keep to the sunny side, always on the sunny side. Keep to the sunny side of life.” Or, and I promise I’ll stop, as Woody Guthrie used to say, “Take it easy, but take it.”

6 thoughts on “Impeach the Bastard

  1. Not to contradict anyone here, but the gangster in the WH did not ask anyone to investigate corruption for the good of the country, he intimidated someone who is protecting us from further Russian incursions into making up stories of corruption purely so he could again hijack the Democratic elections here. That act is exactly what the Founding Fathers designed impeachment to overcome.

    You already read my post on the stupefying events in our current political scene here so I won’t rehash them. I want to see the last of these corrupt, immoral, crude grifters.

    1. Even Nixon used a secret slush fund and outside plumbers to do illegal political smear campaigns. This guy enlists foreign government interference, shrugs it off. Nixon had decency to resign. Ah, the good old days.

  2. Hmm, we’re at loggerheads again Bumba! I am a little bewildered by this latest news I’ll confess as it seems to me the most decent thing Trump as done so far! My reasoning? He’s asked a world leader to investigate possible corruption by someone who would dare to be president one day. Surely this is admirable? Surely we don’t want (another) corrupt person in the White House?

    Not wanting to sound like a Trump supporter (as you know, I’m not) so I’ll explain my worry. I think for a lot of Americans it is both going to hurt Biden’s presidential run (if the Democrats are trying to stop investigations into possible corruption, surely he really is corrupt and the Democrats are aiding him and protecting him?) AND make Trump more appealing (the underdog taking on the corruption of the Democrats who needs the good decent people of America to rally around him etc etc). I doubt VERY much if there’s anything like enough evidence to impeach him here and I suspect the Democrats have played into his hands. Indeed, the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the ‘whistleblower’ was actually under the instructions of Trump. He loves to to throw mud to make it stick and knows full well he’s wearing a teflon suit which remains unblemished….

    1. It may be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m enjoying the proceedings. I’ve always wondered why everyone thinks that impeachment proceedings will help Trump get re-elected. It’s not for sure. Ya gotta figure that at some point people will have seen enough. I was glued to the TV yesterday.

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