Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms

Written (so they say) by Charlie Monroe, Bill’s brother, circa 1935, this country/bluegrass standard is a lot of fun to play. Performed by Bumbas and Maybank a couple of days ago. Click play to hear.


I’ve been enjoying the Ken Burns Country Music Documentaries on PBS. Also enjoying, and highly recommend the NOVA series they’re broadcasting on The Planets. It’s just amazing how much information we now have about each of the planets from NASA’s various probes. It’s all amazing, and very beautiful to see and learn. Getting back to Country Music, I did learn a few things about Charlie Monroe, Bill’s brother. I had thought that Charlie had just fallen off the edge of the earth or something early on in their career and that Bill had just gone on alone and formed the Bluegrass Boys….. But no, brother Charlie continued for many years as a country singer on his own. It’s just that Bill hated and feuded with Charlie – as he did with Flatt and Scruggs. And then, in their turn, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs hated each other, and split and feuded.for the rest of their lives. There were some death bed visits and reconciliations, a few joint concert appearances in their old age. Despite this apparent grumpiness of character and all the same, their music is just glorious. They haven’t mentioned this song on the program so far I don’t think, but it’s a country standard. To which people can sing along.

Happy New Year! It’s the Jewish New Year tonight. New Moon. The Seventh month, Tishrei. We have the gift of Holy Days to prepare ourselves for new beginnings. And may they be joyful! SHANNA TOVA!

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