As I Sat On the Bus

What??? Is this another one of those As I sat on the bus things? Oh, no.

As I sat on the bus, I thought about what I would write for this Bumbastories blog. After all, I hadn’t posted anything in two weeks. And wasn’t this supposed to be the Everydayanotherstory blog? I had to think of something. Something to write. Hey, I said to myself, what about another one of those “As I sat on the bus” things? Hey, what about a report from George Packard? We haven’t had either of those for a long time. For a very good reason, I answered myself. Nobody cares a good you-know-what about George Packard and perhaps even less of a you-know-what about the subject of buses. Oh yeah? said I to myself.

…..As George Packard sat on the bus, he thought of what he would write for the Bumbastories blog……..

Oh no!!! That won’t do. All that running gag, repetition stuff. Try again.

George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories blog, recently returned from the D.C. beat to pursue perhaps even more serious Breaking News in Los Angeles, sat on the 733 Venice bus and thought about nothing in particular. Yes. it was true. Despite all the Breaking News, despite all the stuff going on in Washington, despite being a roving reporter and a news junkie, George Packard still retained the ability to think about nothing in particular. Thank goodness. George looked out the window. His old bicycle rattled occasionally as it sat on the bicycle rack of the big, red 733 bus. George was headed to the beach. 

At Venice Beach, George walked the bike through the crowds until he reached the bicycle path. He rode down a bit past the Washington Bl. Pier, where he chained up his bicycle and hit the beach.

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