Low Down Blues

This is my own little blues song titled Low Down Blues. It’s the only song I’ve written of late and I just love to play it on piano. I’ve played it several times on the blog already, so apologies. But I think I’m getting it better! We’ve talked about this before. Anyhoo, I’ve been playing it regularly for a few years already! I’m just stuck with this song, and with the Low Down Blues

I guess it’s kinda natural to have the low-down blues what with the impeachment hearings going on. The “new normal” chills my bones. I fear that the argument for impeachment will somehow not be convincing enough, or that it simply is not listened to by enough people, and that the President could yet survive these impeachmeny hearings. The witnesses’ testimony has been most interesting, most impressive, and all of the government officials who testified appear to be highly intelligent and capable individuals. The case against the President seems to be of the open and shut variety. I suppose you still have to decide whether to call his behavior bribery or extortion. Yet it all may not be enough. Schiff and his committee are doing their duty. If the American people cannot add two plus two, then, what else can they do?

8 thoughts on “Low Down Blues

  1. Love your Low Down Blues, Bumba!!!! You go, but not the way of the elephants!
    I’m Canadian, & as 99.5 % of Canadians, I hope you get trump gone.

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