Some Articles!!!!

Thirteen years ago, Mort Sahl said in an interview that the Republican Party has a secret strategy. An ace up their sleeve: They always run against Democrats.


How could the Democrats – after all this time, after all their deliberations and backroom consultations – come up with two articles of impeachment that don’t mention any high crimes and misdemeanors??? What about Bribery? What about Treason ?????

I don’t get it.

How ’bout these?

POTUS conspired with foreign nation(s) to influence U.S. election for personal interests, using bribery and government monies to extort personal favors

POTUS obstructed investigation into above criminal activities, and has shown pattern of repeated obstructions of Justice Dept investigations

POTUS abused Congress in obstructing Congressional investigations and defying subpaenas


OK On with the day. Here’s Fighting A Losing Battle But Having A Lot of Fun Trying to Win, Brownie McGee’s anthemic blues standard. Yes campers, we will just keep on fighting for democracy and freedom in this country.

The Democrats’ lackluster performance in the Judicial Committee and their inability to stop the Republicans from upstaging the hearings with their distractions and conspiracy stuff was sad to watch. The Republicans back home hear an alternate version of what happened anyway. It’s all pretty sad to see that they can almost pull it off. The impeachment process will be a strict Party vote. And that will be that. Mort Sahl had it right.

No matter. More information will eventually come to light. Eventually.

I still think the Democrats need to decide how they want to proceed with this thing.

As the noted political scholar Yogi Berra, once said: “It ain’t over, til’ it’s over”.


9 thoughts on “Some Articles!!!!

  1. Great song! My prediction is that the Democrats have shot their own foot. This impeachment is weak and I can easily see Republicans using this as a rallying call. After all – wasn’t Trump just looking for evidence to show a rival might be doing something illegal? Isn’t that a GOOD thing? I think this impeachment business might just hand him a secure second term in office. As always, I want to be wrong (has to happen at some point!).

    1. I was skeptical of the Dem’s reluctance to impeach. You figure it just has to hurt the president. But maybe they were right to not impeach. I’ve been wrong before, like consistently. More stuff will continue to leak, tho, and/or be uncovered. Tax returns?

      1. Excuse me if I left this before!

        Come senators, Congressmen
        Please heed the call
        Don’t stand in the doorway
        Don’t block up the hall
        For he that gets hurt
        Will be he who has stalled
        There’s a battle outside
        And it is ragin’.
        It’ll soon shake your windows
        And rattle your walls
        For the times they are a-changin’.
        ~ Bob Dylan

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