Everything Is Politics/the Corona Virus

Everything Is Politics. It’s true. Preparedness for pandemics is inextricably tied to the political process. The sluggishness of the U.S. health care emergency system is a result of a decades-long campaign by Republicans in Congress to not provide services to the poor – which in part was effected by ceding control of the funding to the states to individually decide how to allocate funding for health and social programs. Not coincidentally, many states and municipalities opted or drifted toward a privatized system, where most health care services were contracted out to private, non-union, contactors. Hospitals, and health care in general, has become a huge profit-making industry, the largest industry in the country. Naturally, businesses tend to maximize profits, not public welfare. Thanks to a powerful lobby, regulation and control of costs has been minimized. Public health policy and emergency preparedness are not prioritized. We see that the system in the U.S. has not not responded quickly enough. Only in the past few days have government agencies begun to function properly. Most pointedly, the President of the United States, the stable genius, delayed the proper response to the crisis by several weeks. Yikes! So, everything is politics, my friend. Get used to it. Meanwhile, everyone will have to do the best they can to help others, to not get too scared, to educate themselves. And to make their government work for them. Did I mention washing your hands?

Anywaze, we’re all home here in Los Angeles. Semi-quarantined. Washing our hands. Word is that they may soon prevent you from just walking around on the street. So far we haven’t gotten that far – or that bad – in LA. My original plan was to ride the bicycle to the beach every day for the next couple of months. Lotsa social distance at the beach. Anywaze, hang in there and keep washing your hands.

We played some music the other nite. Hold on.




15 thoughts on “Everything Is Politics/the Corona Virus

  1. Re politics: Trump’s latest use of the word “Chinese” to label the corona virus is a calculated political move of the ugliest and most despicable order. Again, he makes fascist, xenophobic, hateful statements just to galvanize his base.

  2. Exactly! In fact, staying home is just about the best thing anyone can do to prevent the spread. Walks and cycling okay, as long as you take precautions! Take care, my friend, keep singing and stay safe! 😉

  3. Nice to see a post that isn’t all about the fear! I have been discouraged not just by our dysfunctional government but by people feeding their fear and the crazed hoarding, so this post was comforting to me.

    Thanks, Bumba. May we all be well and happy. 😉

  4. The message came through. We’re holding on!
    I think that as far as Trump is concerned you reap what you sow. If you run down public services in order to gain more profit don’t be surprised when the virus comes and fucks everything up – when you have no health service to deal with the masses and wealth is no protection.
    Keep safe Bumba!

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