Astronomical Railroad Poem

Astronomical Railroad Poem


The railroad days were long passed

Memories of the southern lines

Spun at 78 rpms


Yeah sure, the trains still run

But it’s not the same

Brother, it’s not the same


There comes a time for reflection

A time in the afternoon

When evening waits


Glory to the sun and the moon

Glory to the heavens

Glory be to God

As He gazes longingly

Past the galactic clouds

Dreaming of another symmetry



2 thoughts on “Astronomical Railroad Poem

  1. The photos are NASA Hubble photos. And yes they provide a sense of awe and perspective. What with all the super hot overpowering energy in all those stars, most the universe is totally dark and cold. What a world we are in!

  2. Hi Bumba,

    A large reproduction of the picture above (The Andromeda Galaxy) hangs on the east wall of the dining facility at the now defunct halfway house at 9,000′ on the way to the summit of Mauna Kea. I used to eat my dinner facing it because there are so many details, so much life and light. Seeing it heading this entry brought back memories of darker times than these, which, for me, were happier, because dark skies were what we searched each night. Thank you.

    Cheers, D

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