Share the Light

Share the light. Always good advice, but particularly apt in these dark times. The poetess Francine Hartstra has started a bloggers’ Share the Light/Pass It Forward campaign to lift our spirits. What a fine idea. I immediately thought of the song This Little Light of Mine, so I just made a recording of it on guitar and harmonica and here it is:


This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine

Let it shine, shine, shine

Deep within my soul I’m gonna let it shine.

Everywhere I go…..

All around the world….

Let it shine, shine, shine

Everybody knows this song. So sing along. Tap your feet. And pass it on, share the light. The song is an old Negro spirituual from Civil War times that Pete Seeger, together with Dr. King, popularized in the sixties. Sing along. And remember to share the light!

15 thoughts on “Share the Light

  1. Thank you, Stephen, for letting your light shine in such a beautiful way. I love your song and I was singing along. Thank you for the music and keep on shining. I will reblog yours as well.. Be safe. Groetjes😊

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