Silver Linings with Rejoinders

When I was a mere lad of 11 years, an older and wiser kid on the block – maybe he was 13 – imparted these words of wisdom: “Every silver lining has a cloud“. I also recall another cynical tidbit froim his 13 year old lips: “You can’t win ’em all. But you can lose ’em all“. I hope you understand that at age 11, I was easily impressed.

So, with the rejoinder that “every silver lining has a cloud”, here are a couple silver linings from this self-quarantined, socially distanced, life we are experiencing:

  1. Automobile traffic is way down. The streets are quiet. Suddenly, it’s kinda pleasant to take a walk around the block. Rejoinder: That’s all you can do now anyhow.
  2. Another silver lining is that you can cross the street without waiting for the light. Rejoinder: As a unrepentant New York jaywalker I already did cross the street without waiting for the light.
  3. The reduced number of cars is a true silver lining to the emergency workers and delivery drivers who can get their jobs done quickly and efficiently without the usual heavy traffic. Rejoinder: None.
  4. Gasoline consumption is way down. The price of oil is tumbling. Rejoinder: Alernative sources of energy will become less competitive.
  5. The economy will be very different and more environment-friendly after this is over. The consumer economy is tumbling like a house of cards. It may be possible to move toward a less wasteful, more sustainable, lifestyle now that people see that they don’t need to buy so many superfluous things. Maybe they’ll get used to shopping less and to seeing clear skies. Rejoinder: they can still shop online. Consumers are still solidly programmed to buy whatever they’re told to buy.
  6. We have more time to write on our wordpress blogs. Rejoinder: We have more time to write on our wordpress blogs.

10 thoughts on “Silver Linings with Rejoinders

  1. Hi Bumba,

    Poking around here. Do you remember where the header pic comes from and its subject? Curious. As to #5, no chance, but good luck, and #6, yes, perfect.

    Cheers, D.

  2. It is good to have more time to write, thankfully I am ignorant of marketing trends choosing to only buy books so when the inevitable ‘nothing happened/buy this to feel good’ narrative kicks in I will be immune.

    1. And the public libraries are closed! But, no matter. We trust in you to find interesting books to review. Given the free time you now have, we’re expecting at least a three volume novel.

      1. If it were not for our six month old, I’d be flying. Although I do have fifteen books that I currently need to review so will be adding them all on soon. At this rate I may have to start on the stuff I don’t really like, like romance.

        1. Don’t become desperate and start to review romance novels. The six month old comes first of course. Looking back, I’d say my own writing career was effectively ended not by my children but by my dog.

  3. We have time to browse and buy CDs online. Rejoinder – I already have more music than I can ever play! Aaah – but you can have too little music but never too much!

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