George Packard and the Invisible

As mentioned earlier, George Packard, retired schoolteacher, needed to visualize things in order to apprehend them – a crippling limitation when trying to understand the invisible. For George Packard knew (and don’t ask how he knew, it’s a long story) that the invisible underlies the visible. After all, the law of gravitation is nothing you can see. Kant’s a priori fundamentals were just that: a priori. They pre-dated the material, visible world. but they were there. Somewhere.

Thus George Packard, retired schoolteacher, remained stuck (rather pleasantly stuck) in deciphering mathematical formulae and hidden codes. As mentioned earlier (also),  contemplation of phi, the golden mean, the golden section was one of George”s most enjoyable obsessions. The same music of the spheres that had enchanted Kepler, enchanted George Packard as well.

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