Inspiration, Religion, Polytheism, and Cement Animal Sculptures

OK. I confess to letting everyone down. I relapsed.

As you may know from previous posts, I announced, indeed I proclaimed, last year IMG_0416that I was going “cold turkey” – although in this case I suppose I should have said “cold elephant” – in regard to and vis-à-vis my spiritual attachment to cement animal sculptures. I even publicly (on this very blog!) renounced and forswore any further contact or association with the cement elephants (Franklin and Hubert in particular) and/or with any other animal sculptures of any species.

But here I was. I was still searching for my faith, still groping in the dark. Alas and alack, so desperate had I become in my search, nay my quest, for spiritual inspiration that I had now fallen under the sway of a vast panopoly of cement animal structures! Yikes! My search for religion and true understanding had led me to polytheism: the belief in many gods. Wasn’t one god bad enough?



My disappointment in myself and in my so-called “faith”, was enough to make a grown man cry. Click here on Cryin Time written by Buck Owens, but sung by Bumba and Maybank, and sing along as spiritually and as inspirationally as possible.






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