Inspirational Barnyard Noises

In these difficult days, we all need inspiration. Everyone understands the importance of inspiration. The Bumbastories research team found these inspirational posts in the Bumbastories archives (old posts from seven, eight years ago!). For all those seeking inspiration, here are some magical, meaningful moments, rather some moments that are imbued with meaning… Er.. I mean… moments… er…. I mean significant moments that are…er….. Excuse me. I am speechless. Furklempt. OK. Here are some pictures, some interactive, inspirational pictures:

Click below each picture for heartfelt inspiration. And feel free to join in the chorus of inspired bloggers who feel ….well, who just feel inspired.






8 thoughts on “Inspirational Barnyard Noises

    1. Barnyard Blues is definitely a project. They should reassemble the Spike Jones Band for that. Btw, these reposts are tedious to assemble, what with the editing, but you can put them in desired sequence. You’ve done that with your watercolors via the categories widget. But people only look at the latest post. Cheers!

        1. Despite the efforts of many scholars, some works of art are just so inspired that they defy formal analysis.

    1. Dear Inspired,
      I also can’t help from laughing. Surely, an insidious psychological disorder is at work, but since my therapist will only see me (or bill me) via Skype, I’m self-medicating with barnyard sound effects.

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