Inspirational Fruits and Vegetables ?????

They say that a picture tells a thousand words….

And that’s probably a couple dozen more words than anyone wanted to hear in the first place…

Nevertheless, the wisdom of fresh produce remains a source of inspiration (and roughage) for the poet and green grocer alike! Here are two inspirational and (thankfully) very brief poems:


I know a fruit and I ain’t tellin’

But there’s no hidin’ a




I don’t care what food you eat

There’s one vegetable that can’t be





Note: The Bumbastories staff offers no apology for the above post.


6 thoughts on “Inspirational Fruits and Vegetables ?????

      1. I went to a place with the title french in it, in the Philippines and ordered fish and chips, and got American chips, who has fish with a baged snack? The hate for the English must be big over there, too.

        1. Yeah, that bag of potato chips is quite a disappointment. Further disappointing is that few places make their fries from fresh potatoes anymore.

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