George Packard and the Breaking News Story at the Beach

George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories headed for the beach in search of a Breaking News story. As reported earlier in these pages, George had already made two attempts to bicycle out to the beach – only to be turned back, stymied by excessive bicycle and foot traffic on the usually deserted Ballona Creek bicycle path. George got on the bicycle path in Culver City and before he reached Centinela he had already countted over 70 bicyclers and joggers who were headed in the opposite direction. Employing his journalistic computational skills, George computed that 40% wore masks. Not enough! They were riding double file too! One bad apple spoils the barrel. And there were too many apples (stupid apples) out there.

George exited the bike path and took his chances on the streets – where traffic on the main thoroughfares was nearly at regular levels. And it wasn’t even 10 AM yet! When George finally made it to Playa Del Rey, a policeman stopped him from going onto the beach bicycle path, so George chained up and walked. However, George soon saw a number of bicycles on the beach, and once the policeman left, riders were entering freely. On the beach people were spaced out on the sand at safe distances. Here and there young people congregated.

In an exclusive Bumbastories interview with one of the lifeguards, George learned that the beaches were open for limited use. The bicycle path was “Kinda off limits to bikes, but I guess it’s OK for walking,” said the young lifeguard with a smile and a shrug of his shoulders. George promised the lifeguard to be back during the week when it wasn’t so busy. George Packard could only imagine what a mess the beach was going to look like come Memorial Day. In LA at least, most people were being prudent and respectful, and doing the right thing. But there were enough A-holes around to mess everything up. Such was George Packard’s assessment of the situation.

4 thoughts on “George Packard and the Breaking News Story at the Beach

  1. Most people are intelligent and sensible – but that minority always cause trouble for all of us!
    Thanks for the report George!

    1. George Carlin explained that according to the bell shaped curve for IQ, half the population has a lower intelligence than the average guy……and you know how dumb he is!

  2. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    It only takes a minority of dorks to cause a major problem! A surge leads to another lockdown. What makes a Dork???
    George – your observations are backed up by evidence from over here in the UK!
    The world has too many stupid dorks. Perhaps this virus is natures way of getting rid of a lot of them?

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