More of Bumba’s Original Songs/Ditties

This one is about a girl named Suzie









This one is just about coffee


9 thoughts on “More of Bumba’s Original Songs/Ditties

        1. I make them all! I also make apricot pie and combos… peach/blueberry … Apple/Lime …. cherry/peach… apple/cherry, etc.
          As we are in the beginning of fruit season, I go out and buy baskets of fruits as they come in. I freeze them. Then in early December, I begin making 3 pies at a time. We eat 1, freeze 2.
          Last year I had 16 pies frozen… Just thaw and warm. They lasted until May this year.
          Hahaha … sometimes we just hack away at a frozen pie.
          Oh…and I make vegetable pies for dinner. Lots of yummy variations there.

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