?Sabotage or “Politization”?

Sabotage is a word derived from the old French word for wooden shoes: sabot.


Two centuries ago, Luddite workers, feeling exploited by the new assembly lines, tossed their shoes, their wooden sabots, into the machines in order mto to halt production. Since those times, the term has come to refer to acts that “deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage”.

There are several new words for sabotage nowadays. “Politization” is my current favorite. As in “mask wearing has been politicized”.

For no good reason, the strict social distancing measures that are apparently necessary to fight the corona virus have become identified with the Democratic Party. Hence, Trump feels compelled to take the opposite tack – and has led us down a horrid path of death and suffering. To give the devil his due, Trump immediately denied and minimized the seriousness of the virus. He is fully to blame for the “politization”, and for the deaths. The macho pose, his pitiful vanity, his “temperamental unfitness” for the job led him, along with the whole Republican Party, down a path of sabotage. Initially his primary concerns were with his China deals. And the economy. And his numbers. But the President has put himself on the wrong side of the fence on this one. People are stupid, but they ain’t that stupid.

13 thoughts on “?Sabotage or “Politization”?

  1. It’s too bad politicians feel the need to politicise every important issue. The same thing happened with climate change. One side supports action to control climate change so the other will opposes them and their supporters follow suit. If only we could have left it up to the scientists and taken a bipartisan approach. Politics polarises us all unfortunately.

    1. Sorry to get too political, but the Republican Party, not just Trump, has consistently opposed the scientists on climate change, the covid virus, conservation of environment. So one must ask who is paying them. For reasons unclear they also oppose theory of evolution. As I said in my article politisation on is a nice word for sabotage.

      1. I’m not an American and I admit I’m not very informed on issues in the US though I do read the news of course. I live in Australia and I think it would be great if politicians could work together to solve these very important problems facing the environment. Our Great Barrier Reef is now under threat from both climate change and pollution and plastics pollution in the ocean is out of control. These are not local issues and far too important for the political wrangling of small minded politicians whether in the US or or Australia or elsewhere. We need to stop fighting each other but I don’t have a lot of hope on that one.

        1. It’s a sad situation and it’s important like you say that we stop fighting and use our brains. We still have amazing technology and people all over the world. It’s possible to fixa lot of things to make things better if only we would work together and use some sense.

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