Neologisms and Some Unmixed Messaging

Languages and cultures are always changing. People all over the world like to talk in the latest slang. Over time, dialects, argot, and new languages come into being. It’s a natural thing. Within occupational and social groups new lingo just seems to pop up. New words find their way into common usage. I think that’s cool. Cultural evolution. I can handle that. But what confuses me and gets me all mixed up, and crazy, and in a heck of a tizzy, are all these new political words! All these euphemisms and dog whistles. It makes me wag my tail and bark.  And I never know what they really mean.

What’s mixed messaging, for instance? As I see it, one of the messages has to be false. So, doesn’t mixed messaging mean lying? Sometimes it seems there’s a program of misinformation (lying again). Today we can talk about alternate facts. Before you know it, you’re dealing with false narratives.

It’s all part of the politization, which results from the identity politics, and identity politics is closely related (through the demographics) to culture politics and diversity issues. I can’t get my head around any of these words, but somehow I know I don’t like them.

I guess I have to remember that we have a transactional President. However, after four harrowing years of despair I still don’t know what transactional means.

There’s one new word that describes it all and that I finally get: It’s Unprecedented. It’s a euphemism for “OMG, that’s illegal, ain’t it?”

17 thoughts on “Neologisms and Some Unmixed Messaging

  1. I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon. 🙂

  2. Someone is lying somewhere, and usually its both ends of the specturm that are casting out misinformation. The entertaining thing is finding out whose lies are the subtlest, or which presidential candidates come out with reforms that clearly will never happen.

    1. I know we differ politically, but to me the dictators lie more. Dictators come left and right, some are apolitical. Then there are Climate change deniers, science deniers. Somehow those guys seem to fall to the right side of the spectrum. Yes, politics is laden with deception, image. Personally, I don’t lie, Well, not too much.

      1. Apologists are as bad as the above, if not worse in my eyes. You are right of course dictators and their ilk are liars, and also gods in their own eyes. I think I just have a general apathy with it all these days, I vote for more days down the pub with a book and a pint.

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