I’m Worried Now…. But I Won’t Be Worried Long

I know I’ve posted this song before, but it should be no great secret that Bumba, the editor of this wanna-be magazine, is one lazy son of a you know what. The Bumbastories Magazine staff – all of them imaginary alter-egos for Bumba by the way – are also a sorry collection of empty coconuts. So what we’re trying to get to is that every now and again on this blog you get a repost. At least the music part is a repost. You see, I was looking through my old posts. The title of this one caught my eye and anyhow, Worried Man’s 
Blues is a great song. And these are worrying times. Very worrying.

I remain stupified by last night’s Presidential Debate. What a disgrace. We saw the orange guy, the President, just go up in flames. He is finished, caput, dead in the water, signed sealed and delivered and ready for the trash man. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I think that finally we will Dump Trump. That’s right. So, keep up the fight, and for the time being, just make sure that you and everyone you know votes. We will make our voices heard and perhaps begin a better era. But that better era means that we must continue to always fight for justice and peace. What? You think all the Trumpists and white supremecists and crazy people are going to just go away? Hard economic times will continue to face us. More people are going to die from this virus. The virus is still with us and will be with us for another year at least. The fight to maintain American democracy will go on. Hopefully, this election will herald the beginning of a true reform process. Make sure people vote.

Here’s a Worried Man Blues, recorded, as I was saying, something like a year ago by me and Maybank. Sing along.


Worried Man Blues is a traditional American song, over a hundred years old. Woody Guthrie recorded it. Likewise most the other great country players and singers. I think I heard it first from Jack Elliot. 

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song

18 thoughts on “I’m Worried Now…. But I Won’t Be Worried Long

  1. I’m worried too – that’s why I’ve been volunteering on Democratic phone bank, encouraging folks to register & to vote. it is very easy to do, no money involved, just needs a little of your time. if you’re interested in helping (you only need computer & phone, it starts with a zoom meeting where they explain, then you get a link to use their phone number, etc): https://www.mobilize.us/2020victory/event/343435/

    1. Thank you very much. I already have a bunch of links. I canvassed and registered voters for DNC and Swing Left quite a bit last election, but as I dislike the phone and texting, I’m playing my old, vulnerable population man card. But good for you. Keep it up and we will clean this up!

  2. Well now…you know me…been saying it for many years now aaaand yet to get it wrong. But I think you’re gonna be outraged again come November.

    As always, my usual caveat – I REALLY hope I’m wrong. I’d love to see the orange horror gone. But I don’t think he will. It may well be a close shave, I’m not sure completely on that one. But I think we have another term of office for Trump.

    You forget: throughout his career, he’s done and said the most stupid and awful things which normally would kill the career of anyone else, and he’s still here. The debate was no different. Indeed, I don’t think Biden looked too great and almost always people vote for the strong character – NOT common sense. I really do hope I’m wrong…

    1. The voice of doom. I still predict a Biden victory. And a strong one. I thought Joe looked weak, but that Donald needed a bowl of mashed potatoes dumped on his head. You’re right, tho. After all, he’s president and we’re not.

      1. I’m delighted to admit I got it wrong – though only just! The landslide predicted really did not happen and now we’re in this awful and internationally embarrassing situation of watching Trump fight like a moody child. But, at least, Biden won and we’re all rejoicing for that! Trumpism, however, is far from dead. 😕

  3. After watching that debate last night, I woke up this morning, filled out my mail-in ballot for Biden and brought it to the local ballot drop off box. This is our chance to remove that shit stain from the White House.

  4. I have to agree with you. The president of the USA strutting around like a schoolyard bully and calling on the fascists to help him out. Ugly to see.
    The sooner he’s gone the better for everyone!

    1. It was disgusting. The question is whether this hurts him with voters. I think it does. Normally, such behavior (in a President!) would be a turn-off, but as we’ve been saying, these are not normal times.

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