The January Magazine, Tri-Holocene Édition

Happy New Year! Happy 2020! May the New Year bring us all good health and all good tidings.

January being the first month of the Julian calendar year, it is once again incumbent on this reporter to put together one of those Bumbastories’ Walk thru the Numbers/Mathematics for Dummies things for the number 1.

Note from Editor: What follows is a re-post (plus I added a song to sing along for Happy New Year’s)

Tying One on

In our March Through the Numbers we cover all the numerals. All of ’em. The numeral  one, however is something of an exception. The one is special. That’s because the number 1 is fundamental. It’s the building piece of all the numbers. All the numbers are simply multiples of the one. Four is one four times. Five is one five times. On the other hand, the one encompasses them all. One is the All. One is the whole enchilada. One is the set of all numbers, the set of all sets. One is the one entire universe.

They say “You only live once”, And to the best of my knowledge, that is a true statement. This is it! We may fancy and ponder about the afterworld and about other incarnations, but in general practice, in our day to day “lives”, we tend to worry about and direct most of our energies to the current one. We only have One Life, which, by the way is the very clever title of my second novel (availble on Amazon etc). We have sensory awareness of only one universe. From a Darwinistic perspective, our sensory apparati are evolved mostly to detect lions lurking in the bushes, and things like that. Not other worlds and universes.

The astrophysicists tell us that: not only is our universe far larger than we imagined, but that there may well be other universes out there. Multiple universes! “Yikes!” I say. Again, on a personal level,  I am content with one life and one universe: in particular this one earth, this one fantastic, blue planet that revolves once a year around a medium-sized star that we call the Sun (Happy New Year again) that spirals around inside a medium-sized galaxy that we call the Milky Way, that is all the time hurtling its way, along with billions of other galaxies, through the “universe” at speeds that are hard to even talk about. So I won’t.

A final word on the ONE

Karl Jung stated that the circle is the greatest of all the universal archetypes. 

The circle is hard to define in words, but algebraicly it’s easily (OK, elegantly) expressed as:

x2 +y2=1

How ’bout’ that?

From a single point, a universe radiates.



Happy New Year once again. And here’s Auld Lang Zein to sing along with if you like 


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