George Packard Rides On

Pandemic or not, George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories Magazine, remained unflinchingly resolute in his search for a scoop, a breaking news story. Once again, George’s journalistic instincts directed him straight to the beach. Never mind that the impeachment debate had just started. The Republicans remained complicit with fascism. No breaking news there. George had it all DVD’ed anyway. He’d check it out when he got back.

He set out on his bike before around 11:30. He pedalled down to Washington Blvd, hung a right, and followed Washington down into Culver City, where he picked up the Balloona Creek Bicycle path – which took him down to the beach at Playa Del Rey. It was to the eternal dismay of his editor Bumba, that George Packard, an eccentric roving reporter by any standard, for some reason still insisted on looking for breaking news stories at the beach.

I Shall Be Released

Truth was George Packard loved the beach and had always loved the beach. The vastness of the sky and the ocean, the openness of it all. George still found it a thrill to arrive at the beach to see the ocean and feel the wind.

The beach was quite empty of people. It wasn’t swimming weather. “A coved-safe place,” thought George.

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