Admission of Error

Bumbastories Magazine and the entire Bumbastories staff want to apologize for last week’s post about feeling happy and normal again. True, the Inaugural was beautiful, almost an epiphany.True that Biden and his staff are primed for the job, capable of leading the country out of its morass. True that there was cause for optimism last week that we were done with Trump, and the pall had lifted. However, the Bumbastories staff got carried away with itself and went all gushy about feeling normal again. We admit the error of our ways. Trump and Trumpism lives on as strong as ever. Kevin McCarthy’s visit to Maro Lago seals the deal. The Republican Party has clearly made its choice. They’re going with Trump. The assault on democracy will rage on. Put away the party hats. And keep your masks on.

I Used to Have the Blues, but I don’t have the blues no more is a song I wrote a long time back, but seems apt.

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