Masks, Double Masks, and Getting Used to It

Dr Fauci says it ain’t a bad idea to double mask. Yikes! Double masking! It’s been a year already that we’re wearing masks. And what a year it’s been. Yikes again. With the politics. Yikes, what a mess. I mean, insurrections don’t happen every day. We’re still going through that challenge. These are difficult times. And this pandemic is not over. So, in regard to masking and double masking, all Bumba can say is “Get used to it”. Which, I remember was the title of a post I wrote on July 20, 1920. I must admit, I was prescient.

In The Plague, Camus states that wars and epidemics always take people by surprise. And people always think they’ll be over soon. 

So, getting back to the masks, the Bumbastories Research Dep’t has done a bang-up job of mask research




First. In defense of the gaiters. The gaiters got a bad rep when some researchers shot some aerosols out through a styrofoam potato head out into various face masks. But they only had the gaiter single-ply. Which ain’t fair to the gaiters. ‘Cause you generally wear them doubled. And you can even fold them triple. Admit it. It ain’t fair to the gaiters. Anyhow, I like ’em sometimes when riding my bike. In the early days of the pandemic I constructed a few masks out of paper towels folded accordion-wise and then secured by two plain staples to two plain rubber bands. Works pretty good. Problem is with the fit. Too loose. And here we get to a key issue vis-a-vis these masks: the fit. The play isn’t the thing. It’s the fit. The higher-priced N95 etc face masks are more protective because they have a better seal. All the materials are pretty good if they’re comfortable. You just don’t want any gaps or openings where those devious, little viruses can sneak in, and get into your nasal passages. The nose is the primary topographical challenge in this subject of fit, and many masks have little plastic or metal nose bridge things already sewn in. The fit is everything. Ear loops that you can tighten are good. Elastic trim is also big plus. Plain cotton masks and scarves and kerchiefs can also give a good fit. And they’re comfortable. Acid test: If you can blow a candle out through the mask, it’s too thin. My current favorite is the kind with the little paper filter inserts. 


6 thoughts on “Masks, Double Masks, and Getting Used to It

  1. I feel double masking, if the resources are available, is a good idea because often you do hear about certain masks which aren’t too effective. But at the same time, you don’t really hear that much about double masking.

    1. We’re lucky if people wear even one. Double masking definitely is safer. Maybe if double masking were encouraged, more people would at least put one on.

  2. There are so many anti-maskers still worried about their “rights” it will be difficult for double masking to be embraced if we can’t get them to wear single masks.
    I am reluctant to tell you that I have order probably close to 50 different kinds of masks trying to find ones that are acceptable to my husband. At one point I had to wash them all, give them away and start over again. I finally found some that are reusable for me and some disposables that he likes. It is a challenge.

    1. I think I have rights too. Like the right to stay alive. I’m double masking if I have to go into a store. There’s no mask that’s more comfortable than no mask, though. Hang in there. We’re going to be all right.

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