Semi-Annual October Magazine

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A salute to the number 10, October being the tenth calendar month.


Ten. It’s the number of fingers on two hands, and, over time, ten has become the basis of our number system – which only uses nine numerals afer all. Once we get to ten, we start counting again. By tens! And then by tens of tens, and tens of hundreds,  and tens of thousands —- up to 10 to the googleplex, which is about as far as I, or anyone else, is willing to go. It’s a ten-based number system and it works pretty good.

Ten-fold symetry of DNA molecule

People like the number ten. Ten out of ten is a good score. In bowling (or ten pins) the goal is to knock down all ten pins, preferably with just one ball, which is called a “strike”. To get a high score it’s highly advised to keep the ball in the middle of the lane and to stay out of the gutter – which is good advice all around.

Lots of things come in tens. The good Lord gave us The Ten Commandments, which followed on the heels of the Ten Plagues (He giveth and he taketh away). There’s  #10 Downing Street, 1010 WINS NY news radio, and apparently there are ten space-time dimensions. The Trojan War took ten years, and so did Odysseus’ exile. The basketball hoop is ten feet high! 

Ten-fold symmetry is employed by the DNA molecule, which means that all of us, whatever your species, need to hold on to life tenaciously. (Sorry ’bout that one)

Click below to hear a song that starts with the word ten.



Ten years ago on a cold, dark night

Someone was killed ‘neath the town hall light

There were few at the scene but they all agreed

That the slayer who ran looked a lot like me

She walks these hills in a long, black veil

She visits my grave when the night winds wail

Nobody knows, nobody sees

Nobody knows but me



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