Back by unpopular request, here are some blues songs I recently recorded. Luckily I’ve been able to play again with Maybank of late and we’re having a swell time of it. But we can’t record currently, garshdonnit. So here are a few solo blues songs to cheer you up. What? Cheered by the blues? How can that be? I don’t know either. First, here’s Bill … Continue reading Blues

The January Magazine, Tri-Holocene Édition

Happy New Year! Happy 2022! May the New Year bring us all good health and all good tidings. January is the first month of the Julian calendar year, and it is once again incumbent on this reporter to put together one of those Bumbastories’ Walk thru the Numbers/Mathematics for Dummies things for the number 1. Tying One on In our March Through the Numbers here … Continue reading The January Magazine, Tri-Holocene Édition

December Magazine

Hail December! The Twelfth month! Hail to the number twelve. Three cheers (four times) for the ol’ 12, the number on the top of the clock!! The word twelve, whose early English-Germanic roots derive from “two left”, or two left over after counting to ten, completes a certain cycle for us. After twelve o’clock we start to count the hours again. Twice every day we count … Continue reading December Magazine

Hey it’s another Tri-Centennial November Magazine

OK. It’s November and here comes yet another of those Bumbastories Numbers things. “Oh, no,” you say. “Oh, yes,” says I. “November is definitely the eleventh month. And we’re definitely going to do another march through the numbers thing” Officially – and we try to be perfectly transparent with you here – eleven should not be included in any  Bumbastories’ March Through the Numbers thing, … Continue reading Hey it’s another Tri-Centennial November Magazine