The Bumbastories’ Latest April Magazine

April is the fourth month, and Bumbastories feels obliged, nay compelled, to acknowledge the number four. You’ll excuse me for all this fourplay, but let’s talk about the four.                      What Four? Let’s talk about the symmetry of the four. We see it, we use it all the time. Check out these 4-based tesselations from the … Continue reading The Bumbastories’ Latest April Magazine

Cheer Up Campers: Try Some Sing Alongs and Jokes

Time to cheer up, campers. I know, I know. We’re not done with the pandemic by any means. Or rather the pandemic is not done with us. Either way, here are some sing alongs to cheer your day. Plus some jokes which I hope are in the cheer-me-up category, although I must admit it’s mostly bottom-of-the-barrel material. How ’bout two Ray Charles’ favorites? Hit the … Continue reading Cheer Up Campers: Try Some Sing Alongs and Jokes

Another Tri-Centennial March Mathness Magazine

Happy March! Happy Third Month of the Gregorian Calendar! Being it’s the third month, here’s a salute to the very fine and lovely number three. Hurray for The Three! Hurray for the Triad! The Triangle! The Holy Trinity! The Three Graces! There’s definitely something about the three. It seems that everybody loves the three. Three is the charm. OK. Let’s get spiritual: The Two (the … Continue reading Another Tri-Centennial March Mathness Magazine

Masks, Double Masks, and Getting Used to It

Dr Fauci says it ain’t a bad idea to double mask. Yikes! Double masking! It’s been a year already that we’re wearing masks. And what a year it’s been. Yikes again. With the politics. Yikes, what a mess. I mean, insurrections don’t happen every day. We’re still going through that challenge. These are difficult times. And this pandemic is not over. So, in regard to … Continue reading Masks, Double Masks, and Getting Used to It

Bi-annual February Magazine

The Bumbastories March Through the Numbers marches on as we enter February, the second month. Even though there are an infinite number of numbers, we express all of those numbers with just nine numerals and a zero. Not a bad system. Anyhoo, let’s look at the two… Drumroll…….The Two! The two – the dos, the deux, the zvei – is the first real number, because one … Continue reading Bi-annual February Magazine

Admission of Error

Bumbastories Magazine and the entire Bumbastories staff want to apologize for last week’s post about feeling happy and normal again. True, the Inaugural was beautiful, almost an epiphany.True that Biden and his staff are primed for the job, capable of leading the country out of its morass. True that there was cause for optimism last week that we were done with Trump, and the pall … Continue reading Admission of Error

Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along

Since the Inauguration I feel almost happy, almost normal. It’s caught me unawares. I thought I’d never breathe easy again. But old Joe Biden is pulling it off. He’s actually competent. Trump and his allies are not gone by any means, but they have taken one on the nose. Maybe America can bounce back from Trump. The alt-right “revolutionaries” who crawled out from under their … Continue reading Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along

The January Magazine, Tri-Holocene Édition

Happy New Year! Happy 2020! May the New Year bring us all good health and all good tidings. January being the first month of the Julian calendar year, it is once again incumbent on this reporter to put together one of those Bumbastories’ Walk thru the Numbers/Mathematics for Dummies things for the number 1. Note from Editor: What follows is a re-post (plus I added a song … Continue reading The January Magazine, Tri-Holocene Édition