It ain’t over ’til it’s over

Once again, good ol’ Yogi Berra, the late, great Yankee catcher and, according to my statistics, the most quoted American since Mark Twain, offers valuable perspective in these difficult covid/delta variant times: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over,” said Yogi. Thank you, Yogi. Yogi was also quoted as saying, “it’s deja vue all over again”, which again is an apt description of this second (or … Continue reading It ain’t over ’til it’s over

Cheer Up Campers: Try Some Sing Alongs and Jokes

Time to cheer up, campers. I know, I know. We’re not done with the pandemic by any means. Or rather the pandemic is not done with us. Either way, here are some sing alongs to cheer your day. Plus some jokes which I hope are in the cheer-me-up category, although I must admit it’s mostly bottom-of-the-barrel material. How ’bout two Ray Charles’ favorites? Hit the … Continue reading Cheer Up Campers: Try Some Sing Alongs and Jokes

BREAKING NEWS: Outbreak of Auditory Disorders at the White House!

BREAKING NEWS: According to anonymous sources, President Donald Trump is currently raging over what appears to be an “epidemic of deafness” at the White House. “I don’t get it,” Trump exclaimed yesterday in the Rose Garden. “I tell you, everybody here has gone deaf! Whenever I’m talking to anybody, they just can’t seem to hear me. All they ever do is to lean over and … Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: Outbreak of Auditory Disorders at the White House!

Inspirational Barnyard Noises

In these difficult days, we all need inspiration. Everyone understands the importance of inspiration. The Bumbastories research team found these inspirational posts in the Bumbastories archives (old posts from seven, eight years ago!). For all those seeking inspiration, here are some magical, meaningful moments, rather some moments that are imbued with meaning… Er.. I mean… moments… er…. I mean significant moments that are…er….. Excuse me. … Continue reading Inspirational Barnyard Noises

Inspirational Fruits and Vegetables ?????

They say that a picture tells a thousand words…. And that’s probably a couple dozen more words than anyone wanted to hear in the first place… Nevertheless, the wisdom of fresh produce remains a source of inspiration (and roughage) for the poet and green grocer alike! Here are two inspirational and (thankfully) very brief poems:   I know a fruit and I ain’t tellin’ But … Continue reading Inspirational Fruits and Vegetables ?????

Inspiration, Religion, Polytheism, and Cement Animal Sculptures

OK. I confess to letting everyone down. I relapsed. As you may know from previous posts, I announced, indeed I proclaimed, last year that I was going “cold turkey” – although in this case I suppose I should have said “cold elephant” – in regard to and vis-à-vis my spiritual attachment to cement animal sculptures. I even publicly (on this very blog!) renounced and forswore any … Continue reading Inspiration, Religion, Polytheism, and Cement Animal Sculptures

Cement Ice-Age Animal Sculptures Speak Out Again!

It’s been a while since any Cement Animal Sculpture posts have appeared here at Bumbastories. Bumba’s prolonged, and frighteningly pathological period of dependence on cement animal sculptures for spiritual guidance had ended…… Or so we thought. Unfortunately, Bumba could resist tempation no longer. We can see here that Bumba, who, it turns out, lives only three blocks from the famous La Brea Tar Pits, has … Continue reading Cement Ice-Age Animal Sculptures Speak Out Again!

A Thanksgiving Card from the Cement Elephants

Happy Thanksgiving. Bumbastories has already posted this Thanksgiving Greeting from the cement elephants twice, but what the heck. On a serious note, it is incumbent on us to mention that Bumba has maintained a long abstinence from all spiritual contact – and indeed any and all forms of communication – with any and all cement animal sculptures. See cement animal sculpture compendium for full description of Bumba’s semi-heroic, but … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Card from the Cement Elephants

Happy Fourth of July

Happy American Independence Day! With no apologies whatsoever here’s a re-post from the Wisdom of the Cement Elephants Compendium: The Cement Elephants ——— Independence Day Date: July 6, 2013Author: Bumba12 Comments— Edit Happy American Independence Day, Horatio! What kind of independence are you talking about, Franklin? Independence from the British! Don’t you remember? Back in 1776? The who? The British? What? All I know is that it’s been 25,000 years … Continue reading Happy Fourth of July