I’m Worried Now…. But I Won’t Be Worried Long

I know I’ve posted this song before, but it should be no great secret that Bumba, the editor of this wanna-be magazine, is one lazy son of a you know what. The Bumbastories Magazine staff – all of them imaginary alter-egos for Bumba by the way – are also a sorry collection of empty coconuts. So what we’re trying to get to is that every … Continue reading I’m Worried Now…. But I Won’t Be Worried Long

Trust Me: A Rockland County Song

I wrote this one a long time ago, but I still like to play it. The title is Trust Me, or She Looks and Tells Me, because that’s the first line. But recently I refer to it in my mind as Rockland County, because that’s where the little story takes place. To borrow a bit of Bill Monroe’s terminology, it’s a “true life” song – … Continue reading Trust Me: A Rockland County Song

Cheer Up

Side By Side is one of those old-fashioned, unabashedly optimistic songs, which we  hope can cheer you up, especially if you song along. “Oh, we ain’t got a barrel of money/maybe we’re ragged and funny…etc, etc.”. It’s kinda schlocky. I must’ve heard it a million times on TV when I was a kid, because I still know all the words. I used to play it … Continue reading Cheer Up