Back by unpopular request, here are some blues songs I recently recorded. Luckily I’ve been able to play again with Maybank of late and we’re having a swell time of it. But we can’t record currently, garshdonnit. So here are a few solo blues songs to cheer you up. What? Cheered by the blues? How can that be? I don’t know either. First, here’s Bill … Continue reading Blues

The Bumbastories’ Latest April Magazine

April is the fourth month, and Bumbastories feels obliged, nay compelled, to acknowledge the number four. You’ll excuse me for all this fourplay, but let’s talk about the four.                      What Four? Let’s talk about the symmetry of the four. We see it, we use it all the time. Check out these 4-based tesselations from the … Continue reading The Bumbastories’ Latest April Magazine

Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along

Since the Inauguration I feel almost happy, almost normal. It’s caught me unawares. I thought I’d never breathe easy again. But old Joe Biden is pulling it off. He’s actually competent. Trump and his allies are not gone by any means, but they have taken one on the nose. Maybe America can bounce back from Trump. The alt-right “revolutionaries” who crawled out from under their … Continue reading Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along

I’m Worried Now…. But I Won’t Be Worried Long

I know I’ve posted this song before, but it should be no great secret that Bumba, the editor of this wanna-be magazine, is one lazy son of a you know what. The Bumbastories Magazine staff – all of them imaginary alter-egos for Bumba by the way – are also a sorry collection of empty coconuts. So what we’re trying to get to is that every … Continue reading I’m Worried Now…. But I Won’t Be Worried Long