Another Blues “Original”

I ain’t much of a songwriter, I don’t suppose. I never sold anything or made any money from it.  Once or twice, years ago, I recorded a cassette tape and sent it to a music publisher. A couple of times I tried to audition as a folksinger. To no success. Still, over the years I think I wrote a couple of good ones.  Nowadays, I … Continue reading Another Blues “Original”

Another Blues “Original”

I ain’t much of a songwriter. I admit it. Many moons ago I wrote a couple of good ones. Once or twice I made a cassette tape and sent it to a music publisher. This was in the days they had cassette tapes. I believe I received a polite rejection letter. Nowadays, I barely write songs anymore. All the same, sometimes, when I’m playing guitar … Continue reading Another Blues “Original”

One Life

Maybe it wasn’t the most clever idea, but I self-recorded soundtrack albums to accompany my novels. I noticed that my first novel, Up in the Bronx mentioned several Ellington numbers, so I recorded my own modest attempts. Following a passage where the protagonist (a thinly veiled version of myself?) is writing a song called Sweet Dreams and Happiness, I recorded that one too. Eventually, I recorded … Continue reading One Life

Valentine’s Day Special

Welcome to the Bumbastories Valentine’s Day Card Special Edition! Roses are red/violets are blue/and here’s a Valentine’s Day Song for you! Everybody Needs Love Everybody Needs a Heart to Share Everybody Needs Love, Everybody Everywhere This is a song that I’m still working on, but it’s definitely a Valentine’s Day message. And definitely a sing-along. More about the heart. It is astounding how many times … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Special