Another Blues “Original”

I ain’t much of a songwriter. I admit it. Many moons ago I wrote a couple of good ones. Once or twice I made a cassette tape and sent it to a music publisher. This was in the days they had cassette tapes. I believe I received a polite rejection letter. Nowadays, I barely write songs anymore. All the same, sometimes, when I’m playing guitar … Continue reading Another Blues “Original”

One Life

Maybe it wasn’t the most clever idea, but I self-recorded soundtrack albums to accompany my novels. I noticed that my first novel, Up in the Bronx mentioned several Ellington numbers, so I recorded my own modest attempts. Following a passage where the protagonist (a thinly veiled version of myself?) is writing a song called Sweet Dreams and Happiness, I recorded that one too. Eventually, I recorded … Continue reading One Life

Valentine’s Day Special

Welcome to the Bumbastories Valentine’s Day Card Special Edition! Roses are red/violets are blue/and here’s a Valentine’s Day Song for you! Everybody Needs Love Everybody Needs a Heart to Share Everybody Needs Love, Everybody Everywhere This is a song that I’m still working on, but it’s definitely a Valentine’s Day message. And definitely a sing-along. More about the heart. It is astounding how many times … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Special

Some More Blues

Here are two more blues songs for your listening pleasure. Kansas City Blues, the “standard” version, the Lieber and Stoller 1952 song recorded in 1959 by Wilbert Harrison and later by the Beatles and a ton of others. Why and how Lieber and Stoller get credit for writing the song is a good question, because it’s quite an old blues and there are a kajillion … Continue reading Some More Blues