More on Getting Better

  We’ve discussed this before. This business about “getting better”. I was discussing the music I work on with Maybank: how we think we are getting better at it, how we feel encouraged by our “improvement”. I was saying that it’s a noble goal to get better. And I think it’s hard to argue with the proposition that generally it’s a good thing to get … Continue reading More on Getting Better

The January Magazine, Tri-Holocene Édition

Happy New Year! Happy 2019! May the New Year bring us all good health and good tidings. Maybe this year we can get to witness a healthy impeachment process. That would be nice. To see the Congress function properly. That would be nice. People on the streets demanding regime change. That would be nice. A restoration of the democratic process. That would be really nice. … Continue reading The January Magazine, Tri-Holocene Édition

America, Wake Up!

America, Wake Up! Again!   We always say, we assume that “It can’t happen here”. Not in the United States of America. They said that back in Germany, too, didn’t they? The “constitutional crisis” has begun This is no time for post-election fatigue El Présidente, son of a gun, has moved swiftly The Whittaker appointment is another blatantly criminal obstruction of justice, another defiance of the … Continue reading America, Wake Up!

Key to the Highway

One of my favorite songs to play is Key to the Highway by Big Bill Broonzy. An eight-bar blues. A very comfortable progression. Bill Broonzy is certainly one of the greats of the Blues. I first heard Key to the Highway from Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, who were friends of Big Bill, and they always played the song when they performed. If you’ve never … Continue reading Key to the Highway

Key to the Highway posting

Here’s another Key to the Highway hot off the press. For more Key to the Highway posts click on Key of X or Key of Y , or Key of Z to the Highway or another On some of the other posts I talked about Key to the Highway, so you can consult them for more information on the song if you like. There are … Continue reading Key to the Highway posting

Key to the Highway

Key to the Highway Haiku Weary traveller Walk on The road beckons Snow-capped mountains await For those of you who are not familiar with this song, as well as for those who are and don’t mind hearing it again, just click on the arrow below to hear Key to the Highway, the classic blues song by Bill Broonzy circa 1940. I play Key to the … Continue reading Key to the Highway