Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along

Since the Inauguration I feel almost happy, almost normal. It’s caught me unawares. I thought I’d never breathe easy again. But old Joe Biden is pulling it off. He’s actually competent. Trump and his allies are not gone by any means, but they have taken one on the nose. Maybe America can bounce back from Trump. The alt-right “revolutionaries” who crawled out from under their … Continue reading Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along

Inspirational Fruits and Vegetables ?????

They say that a picture tells a thousand words…. And that’s probably a couple dozen more words than anyone wanted to hear in the first place… Nevertheless, the wisdom of fresh produce remains a source of inspiration (and roughage) for the poet and green grocer alike! Here are two inspirational and (thankfully) very brief poems:   I know a fruit and I ain’t tellin’ But … Continue reading Inspirational Fruits and Vegetables ?????

More On Paleontology: A Poem

  Oh, oh. More Paleontology I posted this little poem a few years back when I first started the blog. It’s called What a Story and it’s about about the story of life – which brings us back around to paleontology, the study of old things. Today’s lesson: The magnificence of the study of paleontology is not to be understated (at least I won’t understate … Continue reading More On Paleontology: A Poem

It’s About Time

It’s about time we talked about time. Once, in an earlier post, I talked about how our notion of time has changed since the invention and development of clocks, how the Industrial Revolution accompanied the development of mechanical clocks, and about how we talk about “productivity” and “wasting” time. Definitely, the clock was a game-changer. But what is time? Does it really exist outside of … Continue reading It’s About Time