Syncopated Between my heartbeat and the world Somewhere in the bass line Woven into the afternoon sunlight Curled through my being I feel a sympathy   As we sit outside the restaurant The sunlight pours down On the patio On our cappuccinos Yet somewhere in between the Music of the Spheres And the hum of our earth mother We feel a sympathy Continue reading Syncopated


        Aglow Someday Maybe When this day of ours is done When the sun has sunk into the ocean Aglow With the light in our eyes I reach for you Click to hear Maybank and Bumba sing the Bee Gees’ humdinger of a song called Got To Get A Message To You. It has a super duper story and we love to try to play … Continue reading Aglow

The “As I Sat on The Bus” Invitational —— A Writing Compendium

That’s right! Send in your short stories, poems, photos, songs, and various mass transportation thoughts that begin with the words “As I sat on the bus…” I myself like to write on the bus, so I expect to knock off one of these guys every week or so. Meanwhile send in your ‘As I sat on the bus’, or ‘As I was sitting on the … Continue reading The “As I Sat on The Bus” Invitational —— A Writing Compendium

More Paths of Many Wonders

I sung this one again the other day, but changed the tune and the lyrics. Otherwise it’s the same as last week’s post Paths of Many Wonders. Huh? I did walk down paths of many wonders I have walked in the forest in the afternoon And I came back from the path of many wonders I am walking the same path now   I have … Continue reading More Paths of Many Wonders

Creation Again (and again)

In response to Flickrcomments weekly ABC Challenge, which is a cool thing to check out by the way, I’m re-posting (not composting!) this piece I wrote on Creation…… This one is for all the artists out there, as it talks to the creative process. It’s a bit of an admonition to not take your creation, your art, as well as your self, so seriously since … Continue reading Creation Again (and again)

Up A Lazy River and a Quadrille

Time to sing along. It’s Up A Lazy River by Hoagie Carmichael   Ah, the lovely girls In the afternoon Ah, the glass of beer Ah, the music in my mind When I think of you my deer Huh??????? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Part II (of this quadrille of an afternoon) I be a stag lost in the woods Though would it be a Starbucks’ I dream of … Continue reading Up A Lazy River and a Quadrille