Silver Linings, Clouds, and Lemonade

“Every cloud has a silver lining”. You hear that one all the time. What they generally fail to mention is the correlate: Every silver lining has a cloud. Yikes. Politically, the silver lining is that the women’s movement and  civil rights movement have been woken up by Donald Trump. People are becoming more involved and active in politics…. The cloud is that we still have … Continue reading Silver Linings, Clouds, and Lemonade

About Writing/Moron Writing

See Moron Writing for more Moron Writing I’m currently typing at my computer on a blank Word document. I generally type these blog things straight onto the wordpress without using Word. Which means I do fewer edits. And often I use an ipad, which even further reduces the edits/quality…… OK, you’ve been warned. This post is about writing. That’s why it’s called About Writing. It’s more … Continue reading About Writing/Moron Writing

As I Sat on the Bus: Feeing Proud

As I Sat on the Bus (Compendium) On Pride Winfred Alexander completed the Thursday’s Sudoko puzzle on the bus. Thursday’s are usually hard ones, so he felt a bit pleased… nay, Winfred felt proud of himself. A bit chipper even, almost smug. Winfred then felt ashamed of himself to be feeling so proud, especially about a Sudoko puzzle. Winfred paused to consider the subject of pride. The … Continue reading As I Sat on the Bus: Feeing Proud

George Packard Rides Again

George Packard, retired schoolteacher and roving reporter for Bumbastories Magazine, raced his bicycle down Olympic Blvd. His eyes teared from the onrush of the cold, crisp morning air. George was flying, making all the lights. What a delight. He was headed for the beach, of course. George had decided to stop looking for scoops. No more Breaking News for George! The world had more than … Continue reading George Packard Rides Again

February Magazine

Welcome to February, the shortest month of the year with just 28 days. Well… sometimes 29. You know…. every four years there’s a leap year – except for every even numbered century year, when the leap year is omitted – in accordance with a 13th century Papal order! In order to keep the Easter holiday in line with the seasons. Easter Sunday has to be … Continue reading February Magazine

Undivine Comedy: A Modern Epic

From the fires of hell our hero ascended. Scathed and weary, Bumba climbed the narrow stone staircase. The great evil was now below him. Still, the fires of hell continued to pulse and radiate their heat and stench upward toward him. He staggered and wended his way through the sulfurous pillars and crags of Gehenom. Bumba knew that he must not rest until he reached terra … Continue reading Undivine Comedy: A Modern Epic

Breaking News: Trump Nominates Himself President

George Packard had a scoop. Breaking News. George was going to be the first with this story. It was a scoop! George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories, said to himself, “Oh boy! I finally have a scoop. Bumba will be happy”. Moving with great speed, as only a roving reporter can, George raced down to the Bumbastories office to file his story. That Donald Trump … Continue reading Breaking News: Trump Nominates Himself President