George Packard Rides On

Pandemic or not, George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories Magazine, remained unflinchingly resolute in his search for a scoop, a breaking news story. Once again, George’s journalistic instincts directed him straight to the beach. Never mind that the impeachment debate had just started. The Republicans remained complicit with fascism. No breaking news there. George had it all DVD’ed anyway. He’d check it out when he … Continue reading George Packard Rides On

A Bumbastories BREAKING NEWS exclusive: Bumba to receive Cabinet post!

Bumbastories Magazine has learned that President-elect Joe Biden has offered Stephen A. Bumba, editor of Bumbastories, a choice advisory role – perhaps a Cabinet post – in the new Biden administration. In an exclusive interview with roving reporter George Packard, Bumba revealed that over the past six months he had sent several letters to Biden that detailed critical policy initiatives and reforms. Yesterday, he received … Continue reading A Bumbastories BREAKING NEWS exclusive: Bumba to receive Cabinet post!

Neologisms and Some Unmixed Messaging

Languages and cultures are always changing. People all over the world like to talk in the latest slang. Over time, dialects, argot, and new languages come into being. It’s a natural thing. Within occupational and social groups new lingo just seems to pop up. New words find their way into common usage. I think that’s cool. Cultural evolution. I can handle that. But what confuses … Continue reading Neologisms and Some Unmixed Messaging

George Packard’s Latest Scoop

George Packard, combined his already-questionnable, journalistic zeal with his definitely dubious physical fitness regime and rode his bicycle to the beach. By now, George Packard was well aware that it was highly unlikely for him to chance upon any Breaking News stories while at the beach. However, the way George saw it, during a pandemic, if you needed to be to be looking for a … Continue reading George Packard’s Latest Scoop

Geology… or Hey, Those Tectonic Plates Are Moving!

WARNING: We at Bumbastories are well aware that these little talks about science are not for the weak of heart. The following is presented as a public service in the conviction that society (that’s all of us) would be a whole lot better off if people (that’s us, again) had a fuller understanding of science and math. For example, they would be better able to … Continue reading Geology… or Hey, Those Tectonic Plates Are Moving!

“Politization” or Sabotage?

Sabotage is a word derived from the old French word for wooden shoes: sabot.   Two centuries ago, Luddite workers, feeling exploited by the new assembly lines, tossed their shoes, their wooden sabots, into the machines in order mto to halt production. Since those times, the term has come to refer to acts that “deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military … Continue reading “Politization” or Sabotage?