Life Changing Artists

To continue with yesterday’s post and with what Eric Alagan and billgncs were saying about life changers, I’d like to expand the subject and talk just a bit about artists who moved me, who steered me in a different direction, or, more properly, who shone a light that touched something divine. That’s what an artist does according to Joseph Campbell. The artist in all ages … Continue reading Life Changing Artists

Angels, Lifechangers, and Laughter

Eric Alagan and billgncs posted last week about “lifechangers”: people who played pivotal roles in their lives. Eric called them angels, and in his beautiful way described a life changer, an angel in his life. I’ve been trying to think of the life changers in my own life, but I can think of no single person or life changer in particular. My life looks to … Continue reading Angels, Lifechangers, and Laughter