Another Bumbastories Magazine

This month’s semi-weekly Bumbastories Monthly Magazine features 1) a new Blues song 2) an As I Sat On The Bus poem about an sunny afternoon, 3) another Science Report piece about the importance of time (Hurry up and read it!) 4) and a very short story called The Job Interview. Read on. *****************The Blues Good Morning Blues is a simple blues that I’ve just “written” … Continue reading Another Bumbastories Magazine

Bumbastories’ Semi-Monthly Weekend Magazine

Bumbastories’ Semi-Monthly Weekend Magazine presents its Annual Special Edition Table of Contents The Compulsion to Write : a psychological analysis (from the back of the bus) Another Essay About the Compulsion to Write (but written this time from the train) Another Essay about the Compulsion to Write (Yikes! It really is a compulsion) An original song by Bumba about the great American city of New … Continue reading Bumbastories’ Semi-Monthly Weekend Magazine

Bumbastories Weekend Magazine

This month’s Bumbastories Weekend Magazine returns to haunt delight us once again with the following features and articles. An As I Sat on the Bus Poem A Book Review of Kurt Vonnegut’s Jailbird A Sports Report, with words of wisdom about the Los Angeles Clippers An unauthorized Advertisement ******************************** AS I SAT ON THE BUS As I sat on the bus I wrote. The Muse … Continue reading Bumbastories Weekend Magazine

Monday Magazine —November 3, 2014.

Election Update Unfortunately, Bumbastories is currently unable to provide information about the American mid-term elections. As an ordinary newspaper staffed by ordinary reporters, Bumbastories’ only contacts with any of the candidates has been via the telephone –  and those were taped messages! I thought I could have access to my representatives, but “access” costs money. Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, first amendment free speech … Continue reading Monday Magazine —November 3, 2014.

The Monday Report

This week’s Monday Magazine features an in-depth Report on the Economy, an As I Sat On The Bus story, and a song to make it go down easier. Bumbastories Economic Report The following report was distilled (this report is 80% proof) from weeks of careful and systematic observations made while riding my bicycle. 1) For some reason there’s an awful lot of construction going on … Continue reading The Monday Report

Monday Magazine ———-September 22, 2014.

Welcome to this Monday’ s Monday Magazine. This week’s Mag features a Seasonal Update, an AISOTB, a Science Section, an Art Section…..etc etc SEASONAL UPDATE Hey, it’s September 22! YIKES! It’s Autumn. Summer is over apparently. (Here in California, though, we’re not so sure this summer will ever end). Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year is upon us. Wednesday night! YIKEs again! Time flies. YIKES! … Continue reading Monday Magazine ———-September 22, 2014.

Sunday Magazine

Welcome to Bumbastories’ Sunday Magazine Section.  This week’s Magazine opens with a Letter From The Editor.   Letter from the Editor   As editor of the Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section I would like to make it clear – and I suppose you could call this a confession – that there is no such thing as a Bumbastories “staff” of roving reporters, muckrakers, inspired poets, songsters, debutantes, … Continue reading Sunday Magazine