Moron the Blues

We’ve tossed this question around before, at least I have. This question: what is the blues? The great and wise Brownie McGee said that¬† “the blues is Truth”, i.e., the blues is about more than just feeling blue. You can have happy blueses too. However, empirically speaking, in the great majority of cases, sadness is the subject of the blues. There’s no getting around sadness … Continue reading Moron the Blues


The Every Day Another Story blog aka Bumbastories confesses to a certain insincerity as pertains to its title Every Day Another Story. Obviously we don’t post a story every day. We furthermore confess to feeling no particular sense of guilt about it. Truth be told, we’re simply too lazy to go about changing the name and the header and all that. In fact, a deep-rooted … Continue reading Sad

Until the Mail Train Gets Back

Here’s to “laying around the shack till the mail train gets back” and other noble ambitions. I’ve posted this heart-felt tribute to ambition once or twice before, but it’s great song and Maybank and I did it again the other day. It’s just a fun song to play. So much for ambition. Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms is a traditional American folk song of … Continue reading Until the Mail Train Gets Back

Midnight Special

Frizz at FlkrComments played Midnight Special again and very nicely I might add. He included a number of terrific UTube versions as well. Why does Frizz feature the Midnight Special so prominently? Why does Bumba feel compelled to sing it too? What’s so special about the song anywaze? I think I must take the fifth on that one. Actually it’s the fourth: it’s the way … Continue reading Midnight Special