More Wisdom/More Cement Elephants

Wake up, Oh Great Cement Animal Sculptures! Awake our dear Oracles, our windows into the soul! Awake! And tell us some words of wisdom so we can make it through another day. Great Bear is perchance spaced out. Arise then oh Great Ones, Cement Elephants, our great founts of wisdom. Share with us your knowledge, the hard-earned fruits of your hard-cement labours….. Continue reading More Wisdom/More Cement Elephants

Dear Bumba

Dear Bumba, I’ve been looking at this blog recently and I feel obliged to comment on the sudden proliferation of bus-related posts. Bumba, you have definitely gone overboard, over the top, and two sheets to the wind with all this bus stuff! So, what is it with you and all the buses? Is this some sort of quasi-political (left-wing) plot to have us save gas … Continue reading Dear Bumba