Folk Songs

Folk songs, roots songs, plain ol’ old songs, these are the songs I like. So I’ll play them again. Here are a couple of songs I recorded yesterday. The first is John Henry, which is definitely in the top five of American folksongs. It tells of man’s bravery and resistance to the “machine”. In this case, the machine is a steam drill, and the man … Continue reading Folk Songs

Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along

Since the Inauguration I feel almost happy, almost normal. It’s caught me unawares. I thought I’d never breathe easy again. But old Joe Biden is pulling it off. He’s actually competent. Trump and his allies are not gone by any means, but they have taken one on the nose. Maybe America can bounce back from Trump. The alt-right “revolutionaries” who crawled out from under their … Continue reading Feeling Normal Again and a Sing Along

More Blues

Got the covid 19 blues? Well, let’s try to sing our blues away. One thing that’s giving Bumba the blues these covid days is that he can’t meet with Maybank every week to play music – and record stuff for this blog. So apologies if the music isn’t as good today, but Bumba will do his best. And he was singing the blues yesterday. Being … Continue reading More Blues

More “Almost Blueses”

What is the Blues? How does one define the “Blues Genre”? And why does one (or even two) have to define things all the time? What’s this with all these definitions? And what’s this with all these “genres”? For instance, San Francisco Bay Blues has too many chords to be called a blues, and, in my humble opinion, San Francisco Bay Blues is not really … Continue reading More “Almost Blueses”

Golden Thread

Here’s to Pete Seeger, who died in 2014, may he rest in peace. Pete Seeger was an inspiration to me and to millions of others all over the world. Now, I can’t say that I’ve been inspired by too many people in my life. I’m not an easy guy to inspire. But Pete did it for me. His example encouraged me to play guitar and … Continue reading Golden Thread

December Magazine

Contents: TWO POEMS, A SALUTE TO DECEMBER AND TO THE NUMBER TWELVE, plus some Duogesimal Meanderings   A SCIENCE POEM E=mc2 Nothing is faster than light I conceptualized the race (It was a thought experiment) And, well, Nothing won… ******************************      A CHILD’S POEM Fat and Skinny had a race All around the pillow case Fat fell down and broke his face Skinny won the … Continue reading December Magazine

St. James Infirmary

It’s time for another St. James Infirmary post. We have a St. James Infirmary Compendium here at Bumbastories (look in the header). In case you haven’t heard, St. James Infirmary is one of the all-time great American folk songs. Bumba and Maybank are hooked on it, and here present yet another version recorded earlier this week. Sing along, play along. Listen to Louis Armstrong do … Continue reading St. James Infirmary