BREAKING NEWS: Outbreak of Auditory Disorders at the White House!

BREAKING NEWS: According to anonymous sources, President Donald Trump is currently raging over what appears to be an “epidemic of deafness” at the White House. “I don’t get it,” Trump exclaimed yesterday in the Rose Garden. “I tell you, everybody here has gone deaf! Whenever I’m talking to anybody, they just can’t seem to hear me. All they ever do is to lean over and … Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: Outbreak of Auditory Disorders at the White House!

Inspirational Barnyard Noises

In these difficult days, we all need inspiration. Everyone understands the importance of inspiration. The Bumbastories research team found these inspirational posts in the Bumbastories archives (old posts from seven, eight years ago!). For all those seeking inspiration, here are some magical, meaningful moments, rather some moments that are imbued with meaning… Er.. I mean… moments… er…. I mean significant moments that are…er….. Excuse me. … Continue reading Inspirational Barnyard Noises

Monday Magazine Section —– August 18, 2014

Welcome to the Bumbastories Monday Magazine We regret to announce that this week’s magazine contains nothing particularly significant. But since our aim is simply to entertain, maybe it’s OK that the magazine sits on the weak end of the significance spectrum. How significant is significance, anyway? Last we heard, the jury is still out on the significance question. However the jury is in and the … Continue reading Monday Magazine Section —– August 18, 2014

Monday Magazine ——–August 11, 2014.

Welcome to this week’s Bumbastories Monday Magazine Section Featured this week on the magazine are a new Funny Pages section, the old familiar AISOTB essay, a book review, a special Music Review, and a suggestion box for amendments to United States Constitution.   Now for some Funny Pages! Digging deep into the Bumbastories archives …….. Inspirational Fruits and Vegetables A picture tells a thousand words…. … Continue reading Monday Magazine ——–August 11, 2014.

George Packard, Roving Reporter, Covers the Beverly Hills Beat

George Packard, who as roving reporter sometimes roves as far as five km from his apartment, was roving in the city of Beverly Hills the other day and sent in the following update on the famed Beverly Hills Post Office building and the just completed (or nearly-completed, it’s hard to tell) Beverly Hills Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Recently opened to view after a long period … Continue reading George Packard, Roving Reporter, Covers the Beverly Hills Beat

The post Thanksgiving Blues, a wise-assed cement elephant, and a song

It was a couple of days after Thanksgiving, and I was feeling blue again. So sad and blue did I become that I went in search of wisdom and advice from a cement animal structure. Yes. I went to consult with Franklin, the cement elephant so highly renowned and admired for his pachydermal perspicacity. As I approached the great cement pachyderm, he spoke to me. … Continue reading The post Thanksgiving Blues, a wise-assed cement elephant, and a song

More Wisdom/More Cement Elephants

Wake up, Oh Great Cement Animal Sculptures! Awake our dear Oracles, our windows into the soul! Awake! And tell us some words of wisdom so we can make it through another day. Great Bear is perchance spaced out. Arise then oh Great Ones, Cement Elephants, our great founts of wisdom. Share with us your knowledge, the hard-earned fruits of your hard-cement labours….. Continue reading More Wisdom/More Cement Elephants

Cement Elephant Update

Enough of the ephemeral! Enough of the spiritual, and the divinely inspired “up in the air”, “out in left field” kind of stuff. What we need is something real, something concrete. Like concrete elephants! Cement elephants! OK then. Here they are. Bumbastories presents another chapter in the ongoing saga of the cement elephants. We apologize for the poverty of the elephants’ language and their limited … Continue reading Cement Elephant Update