Blogger’s Contest/ Win Very Big Cash Prizes

Announcing another Bumbastories contest! This one is political and it’s really big. Winners of the contest will win either $58,000,000 (that’s 58 million buckeroos, my friends) or alternatively a free copy of Baum’s first novel Up in The Bronx.  This is not a hoax. This is for real. (And if you believe that, then there’s this bridge in Brooklyn that I could get for you … Continue reading Blogger’s Contest/ Win Very Big Cash Prizes

Inspirational Barnyard Noises

In these difficult days, we all need inspiration. The Bumbastories archival staff found these inspirational posts in the Bumbastories archives (old posts from seven, eight years ago!). For all those seeking inspiration, here are some moving moments, rather some moments that are imbued with meaning… With er.. I mean… moments… er…. I mean significant moments that are…er….. Excuse me. I am speechless. Here are some … Continue reading Inspirational Barnyard Noises

Animals Take Humans at Their Word

The animal rights “people” are at it again. Concluding their annual convention at Long Beach, California last week, a resolution condemning “the humans’ pervasive employment of derogatory human language to harass and ridicule other species” was passed unanimously (no neighs). Human verbal abuse was roundly denounced as “manly” and “unbeastly”. Strident calls for boycotts, strikes, and intensified legal action were greeted by catcalls, howls, and … Continue reading Animals Take Humans at Their Word