George Packard and the Invisible

As mentioned earlier, George Packard, retired schoolteacher, needed to visualize things in order to apprehend them – a crippling limitation when trying to understand the invisible. For George Packard knew (and don’t ask how he knew, it’s a long story) that the invisible underlies the visible. After all, the law of gravitation is nothing you can see. Kant’s a priori fundamentals were just that: a … Continue reading George Packard and the Invisible

The George Packard Series

Chapter II George Packard, retired schoolteacher, had been born and raised in the American tradition, but had long since disentangled or disengaged himself from all the standard conventions that most people seemed compelled to obey. Born in Chicago to a well-to-do, but very dysfunctional/alcoholic family, he had come out to California forty years earlier. He had never married. Packard was what used to be called … Continue reading The George Packard Series

George Packard on Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

George Packard, retired schoolteacher, took a stroll down Wilshire Blvd. He’d walked this stretch of Wilshire Blvd. countless times before. They called it the Miracle Mile area, a euphemism, a PR ploy. Whatever. George Packard just knew that he liked to walk down Wilshire. It was the most city-like of all LA’s streets. George Packard prided himself on his familiarity with the streets and neighborhoods … Continue reading George Packard on Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

George Packard, Roving Reporter, Covers the Beverly Hills Beat

George Packard, who as roving reporter sometimes roves as far as five km from his apartment, was roving in the city of Beverly Hills the other day and sent in the following update on the famed Beverly Hills Post Office building and the just completed (or nearly-completed, it’s hard to tell) Beverly Hills Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Recently opened to view after a long period … Continue reading George Packard, Roving Reporter, Covers the Beverly Hills Beat

AISOTB#31 Beverly Hills Expose

George Packard had drawn the Bumbastories AISOTB assignment this week. George Packard, retired schoolteacher and roving reporter for the Bumbastories Blog roved extensively and widely within a three mile radius of his Los Angeles apartment. As George was sitting on the bus he thought about the nature of awareness. George asked what the difference was between awareness and consciousness. George had perused the Phantom’s ruminations on this … Continue reading AISOTB#31 Beverly Hills Expose

The As I Sat On The Bus Invitational #7

This week Bumba is exercising some artistic freedom with the As I Sat On The Bus Invitational. He is exchanging the bus for a bicycle, and hopes that no one has any serious objections. Please submit your own As I Sat On The Bus stories and photos, poems and songs in the comments section. Good luck and have a pleasant ride and a good week! … Continue reading The As I Sat On The Bus Invitational #7

An ‘As George Packard Sat On The Bus’ Story

OK. OK. Just to show you how simple it is to start a short piece with “As I sat on the bus….” here’s one by our friend George Packard. (Bumba and myself sometimes call on George Packard to help us out with these stories) George Packard, retired schoolteacher, sat on the bus. George Packard was headed to the library where perhaps he would scribble some … Continue reading An ‘As George Packard Sat On The Bus’ Story