Take Five

      Five is my favorite number. Sounds funny, a bit nerdy. You know, to have favorite numbers. But it’s true. I confess a certain affection for all the numbers. After all, they’re all “sacred expressions of the transcendent”. But the five is truly special. Its symmetry is perhaps the richest of all. The golden proportion phi, rooted in fivefold symmetry, is a phenomenon of great beauty and importance to … Continue reading Take Five

George Packard Returns to the Golden Proportion

The Golden Section George Packard, retired schoolteacher, returned to contemplation of the Golden Proportion, of phi, of the relationship between the larger to the smaller piece. And he felt better right away. This division, this golden section of physical space, when repeated, either grew or contracted to infinity. That phi was the square root of five minus one/divided by two, that it’s square was equal … Continue reading George Packard Returns to the Golden Proportion

George Packard and the Megaliths

George Packard read on some blog (actually it was on the bumbastories.wordpress blog) about the megalith they had towed all the way from Riverside County to the LA County Museum of Art. George had passed by to look at the rock himself. George had not been impressed, but knew that the rock would be a big hit. But following some links from the blog and … Continue reading George Packard and the Megaliths