Hurray for New Orleans

St. James Infirmary and House of the Rising Sun, two of the greatest of American folksongs. Both “happen” to come from that great city at the great delta of the Mississippi River, New Orleans. The mingling of different cultures seems to create good things. How ‘bout that? So here’s to the city of New Orleans. Reader, be warned! Both these songs are dirges, so be … Continue reading Hurray for New Orleans

Rare Recording Unearthed

In its relentless search for a scoop, the Bumbastories investigative team has unearthed a rare 78 rpm recording of the House of the Rising Sun performed by Wild Willie, a piano player from Wisconsin. Experts believe the recording was made “sometime in the 20th century”. Interestingly, Willie plays House of the Rising Sun in major key – as does the great Doc Watson. The song … Continue reading Rare Recording Unearthed

Old Songs

Here are three old songs, traditional songs that weren’t written by anyone that anyone can remember. But people have been singing them a long time, which means the lyrics and melodies get altered somewhat over time. Such is the process. They are folk songs, and the “folks”, the plain old folks, keep playing them because they are great songs. St. James Infirmary, House of the … Continue reading Old Songs

The H Challenge: House of the Rising Sun

Frizz’s A to Z Challenge features the letter H this week. Every week Frizz provides the blogging world with a simple letter challenge. Do you have a blog tagged with an H? Heck yes! Here’s one of my many attempts to play the House of the Rising Sun. Looking through my posts I notice I’ve already recorded this song three times on Bumbastories. I even … Continue reading The H Challenge: House of the Rising Sun