Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms

Written (so they say) by Charlie Monroe, Bill’s brother, circa 1935, this country/bluegrass standard is a lot of fun to play. Performed by Bumbas and Maybank a couple of days ago. Click play to hear.   I’ve been enjoying the Ken Burns Country Music Documentaries on PBS. Also enjoying, and highly recommend the NOVA series they’re broadcasting on The Planets. It’s just amazing how much … Continue reading Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms

Moron Writing

I came across this quote. I am fully aware that its message might rain on the parade of the aspiring writers out there, dampen their spirits, discourage them. But it’s too pithy and sardonic for me to resist posting. Besides, I’ve never posted a quote before. Everybody else does. It’s from the book of Ecclesiastes, written in the second or third century B.C. or thereabouts, … Continue reading Moron Writing


Here’s a re-post. We sang it once again last nite. What again? How many times can you play that song? Sorry, but it’s just such a great song to sing and play. However, it is a bit “schmaltzy”. Schmaltz, of course, is Yiddish for rendered chicken fat. European Jews, denied by kashrut laws the option to clog their circulatory systems with pork lard, resourcefully used … Continue reading Schmaltz

Until the Mail Train Gets Back

Here’s to “laying around the shack till the mail train gets back” and other noble ambitions. I’ve posted this heart-felt tribute to ambition once or twice before, but it’s great song and Maybank and I did it again the other day. It’s just a fun song to play. So much for ambition. Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms is a traditional American folk song of … Continue reading Until the Mail Train Gets Back