More Blues

Got the covid 19 blues? Well, let’s try to sing our blues away. One thing that’s giving Bumba the blues these covid days is that he can’t meet with Maybank every week to play music – and record stuff for this blog. So apologies if the music isn’t as good today, but Bumba will do his best. And he was singing the blues yesterday. Being … Continue reading More Blues

Musical Sloth

I used to write (Check out Bumbabooks). I also used read more. Looking back, I have to conclude that my “level of functioning”, my “productivity”, has definitely declined. I suppose I could blame the computer age for some of that. But mostly I would have to credit my reduced literary output to one of my favorite cardinal sins: SLOTH. Yes, sloth. Good old laziness. Good … Continue reading Musical Sloth


The Every Day Another Story blog aka Bumbastories confesses to a certain insincerity as pertains to its title Every Day Another Story. Obviously we don’t post a story every day. We furthermore confess to feeling no particular sense of guilt about it. Truth be told, we’re simply too lazy to go about changing the name and the header and all that. In fact, a deep-rooted … Continue reading Sad

Another Bumbastories Mid-Week Magazine Special Edition

This week’s semi-quarterly Mid-Week Magazine features the following: A News Update on the Presidential Race A Poem with commentary A hats off to Rolling Stones with a Bumbas Maybank cover of Love in Vain An advertisement for one of Stephen Baum’s books A Consumer Corner Report on the 99 Cents Store P******************************** News Update: In 1984 George Orwell predicted a constant state of war – … Continue reading Another Bumbastories Mid-Week Magazine Special Edition

The Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section

The Bumbastories Weekly Magazine – Sunday Edition HUH??? What’s this? First you say it’s an Every Day Another Story blog. Now you’re talking once a week? What’s the story, Bumba? The following is a once-a-week literary (well, not so literary), humorous (funny might be too strong a word), illumunating and enlightening (Hey, take it easy!) magazine sort of blog with a couple of informative articles, … Continue reading The Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section