Bumbastories’ Semi-Monthly Weekend Magazine

Bumbastories’ Semi-Monthly Weekend Magazine presents its Annual Special Edition Table of Contents The Compulsion to Write : a psychological analysis (from the back of the bus) Another Essay About the Compulsion to Write (but written this time from the train) Another Essay about the Compulsion to Write (Yikes! It really is a compulsion) An original song by Bumba about the great American city of New … Continue reading Bumbastories’ Semi-Monthly Weekend Magazine

The Monday Report

This week’s Monday Magazine features an in-depth Report on the Economy, an As I Sat On The Bus story, and a song to make it go down easier. Bumbastories Economic Report The following report was distilled (this report is 80% proof) from weeks of careful and systematic observations made while riding my bicycle. 1) For some reason there’s an awful lot of construction going on … Continue reading The Monday Report

The H Challenge: House of the Rising Sun

Frizz’s A to Z Challenge features the letter H this week. Every week Frizz provides the blogging world with a simple letter challenge. Do you have a blog tagged with an H? Heck yes! Here’s one of my many attempts to play the House of the Rising Sun. Looking through my posts I notice I’ve already recorded this song three times on Bumbastories. I even … Continue reading The H Challenge: House of the Rising Sun