Keep On Playin’ That Country Music and Try These Books On For Size

Willie Morton, one of the characters in my One Life and The Phantom Speaks books, always says: “Just keep on playin’ that country music”. I keep saying the same thing myself. It’s funny how you learn from your characters. In any case, to “keep on playin that country music” is sound advice, and I try to follow it.  So…….. Now, if you want to read … Continue reading Keep On Playin’ That Country Music and Try These Books On For Size

One Life

Maybe it wasn’t the most clever idea, but I self-recorded soundtrack albums to accompany my novels. I noticed that my first novel, Up in the Bronx mentioned several Ellington numbers, so I recorded my own modest attempts. Following a passage where the protagonist (a thinly veiled version of myself?) is writing a song called Sweet Dreams and Happiness, I recorded that one too. Eventually, I recorded … Continue reading One Life

February Magazine

Welcome to February, the shortest month of the year with just 28 days. Well… sometimes 29. You know…. every four years there’s a leap year – except for every even numbered century year, when the leap year is omitted – in accordance with a 13th century Papal order! In order to keep the Easter holiday in line with the seasons. Easter Sunday has to be … Continue reading February Magazine

The Bumbastories Monthly Weekend Magazine

Table of Contents: THE SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT CORNER: CALIFORNIA REPORT LIVE FOLK MUSIC SECTION AUTHORIZED ADVERTISEMENT WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER: A SHORT STORY ABOUT A GUY FROM CONNECTICUT MUSIC REVIEW: MALAGASY MUSIC ********************************************************************** CALIFORNIA REPORT Whilst Angelenos celebrated and reveled in this week’s unseasonably moist weather (actually just some mild showers, a bit of mist and a bit of cooler spring weather), and whilst the meteorologists … Continue reading The Bumbastories Monthly Weekend Magazine

Good News, Bad News, Good News Again

There’s good news and then there’s bad news…. And then there’s good news again. Say whatt? The good news is that my second novel One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles  is available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle for just $0.99! The bad news is that its sequel, The Phantom Speaks, is not available as an ebook. Sorry, you’ll have to read that … Continue reading Good News, Bad News, Good News Again

Lonely Times

There Been Some Lonely Times is a song that I wrote a number of years ago while I was writing the One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles novel.  Somehow the song found its way directly into the book (page 162). Click on the link below to hear the song. The song is included in my Chester’s Songs CD, which I am releasing … Continue reading Lonely Times