George Packard Returns to the Golden Proportion

The Golden Section George Packard, retired schoolteacher, returned to contemplation of the Golden Proportion, of phi, of the relationship between the larger to the smaller piece. And he felt better right away. This division, this golden section of physical space, when repeated, either grew or contracted to infinity. That phi was the square root of five minus one/divided by two, that it’s square was equal … Continue reading George Packard Returns to the Golden Proportion

George Packard Rides Again

Chapter VIII All the same, George Packard, retired schoolteacher, would think back on his past from time to time as most men do. And, as he sat in the large library reading room holding in his lap a book written by Einstein on the theory of relativity, he thought back on his past kindly. That is to say, with affection. It had been a very … Continue reading George Packard Rides Again