More “Almost Blueses”

What is the Blues? How does one define the “Blues Genre”? And why does one (or even two) have to define things all the time? What’s this with all these definitions? And what’s this with all these “genres”? For instance, San Francisco Bay Blues has too many chords to be called a blues, and, in my humble opinion, San Francisco Bay Blues is not really … Continue reading More “Almost Blueses”

Is it the Blues?

What defines a blues song? It’s hard to say, and generally these sorts of questions are best left alone. To define and categorize and “genre-ize” something which is by its very nature uncategorizable is clearly not a good time management practice. However a recent blog comment got me to thinking…… (Oh oh, here we go. Hang on to your hat!) The 12-bar blues and some … Continue reading Is it the Blues?