What Four?

The symmetry of the four. We see it, we use it all the time. Bumbastories continues with the count down… er count up …er…walk through the numbers.  Today we feature the four, the quatro, again! When we look at a tesselation, a repeating geometric pattern, we see, we organize it, in quite predictable ways. A hundred years ago the early Gestalt psychologists first pointed out … Continue reading What Four?

Take Five

      Five is my favorite number. Sounds funny, a bit nerdy. You know, to have favorite numbers. But it’s true. I confess a certain affection for all the numbers. After all, they’re all “sacred expressions of the transcendent”. But the five is truly special. Its symmetry is perhaps the richest of all. The golden proportion phi, rooted in fivefold symmetry, is a phenomenon of great beauty and importance to … Continue reading Take Five

Fast Fourward

The symmetry of the Four again (set to the music of Bumba’s harmonica fourths if you click). The Quatro: the tesselations of the square, the grid. Everything laid out on graph paper, a world made of little boxes. The usefulness (to humans, not so great for all the other species) of patterns based on the four has been astounding. Pyramids, temples, and skyscrapers arise square … Continue reading Fast Fourward